Data Access Policy

Discuss Data offers a three-tier access policy. Depending on the sensitivity and requirements of the data, data owners can choose whether their data will be published a) in open access, b) in restricted access or c) with no access (metadata only).

a) "Open access" datasets will be accessible for everyone, including users outside of Discuss Data. This is the recommended method of publication for datasets, and the data desciption and files will automatically be written into the DARIAH Repository for digital long-term archiving.

b) Datasets with "Restricted access" will be accessible in full only for a subset of Discuss Data users of your choosing. While the data description and metadata will be publicly available, access to data files has to be requested and confirmed by the owner or administrators of the data set. This type of access is recommended for datasets that contain sensitive information or for which the analysis has not yet been published.

c) "Metadata only" offers to upload the metadata and the dataset description without the data files themselves. This access model is recommended for datasets which cannot be shared or stored online, for example if they contain highly sensitive information. Interested users can contact the authors via Discuss Data to request access to the datafiles.