Edit Data Set Description & Add Tags

Tags are keywords that help to describe a data set and allow it to be found easily by other users. Describe your data set further by adding tags: Which country is your data about, in which language is it authored, which methods did you use for data collect

Add country tags

You can choose one or more countries that your data set concerns.

Add keyword tags

Assign one or more keywords that help(s) others to find your data set by a keyword search.

Add language tags

Please indicate in which language the data set is available, e.g., in which language your interviews were conducted.

Add methods of data collection tags

Please specify which methods were used for the collection of the data set, e. g. semi-structured interviews, desk research, etc.

Add methods of data analysis tags

You can describe which methods were used to analyse the data set, e. g. qualitative analysis, regression analysis, etc.