What do I have to consider when commenting?

All comments by the discussants should follow some common criteria. On the basis of the data collection, the metadata information and the detailed documentation of data collection (see ‘Best Practices: Documentation of Data Collection’), the ciscussants could touch upon the aspects of:

  • Methodology of data collection: handling of empirical challenges such as sampling (in the case of interviews and surveys), validity of the provided data, reliability of sources which provided the data;
  • Completeness of the data collection;
  • Applicability of the data collection for the research question of the data creator;
  • Applicability of the data collection for further purposes (e.g., secondary analysis: what can be done with this data collection?); and
  • Possible problems regarding copyright and data dissemination.

If you write a comment, please make sure to follow our “Netiquette”.